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.            While the the name of the company has changed since its inception in 1986, the quality has not. Investors may come and go, but the knowledge and dedication which has made these drums sound and play great is still the heart of the company. Founder and designer of the Baltimore Drum, Keith Larsen, continues to produce one of the best acoustic drum sets ever made. His forty plus years of experience as a musician and inventor is poured into every drum that he makes. His innovations in hardware, shell design and his attention to detail have created a drum that is truly unique.

Premium Handcrafted American Made Drums Since 1986

.            Baltimore Drum is back and set on re-establishing itself with the quality and craftsmanship that you have come to know from us over the years. Call today and ask about ordering your own high quality BD drum kit or snare drum.

BDC is proud to be the house drums for Blues Alley (Washington DC), The 8 x 10 (Baltimore), and Sheffield Studios (Phoenix, MD)

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About Us

.            Baltimore Drum Company was established in 1986 by drummer/designer Keith Larsen.  Keith’s vision was to design and build the finest American made drums to date. Simplicity by design with form and function was imperative.

.            After six years of research and development which included proprietary bearing edges, snare beds, machined aluminum hardware and finishes,  Baltimore Drum, USA (as it was known from 1992 to 2001) attended the ’92 PASIC Convention and received rave reviews.  Word traveled fast and both artists and dealers soon placed orders.

.            As the company garnered attention and became more established, the drums received many accolades and awards (Snare Drum Olympics and Chicago Drum Show, for example).  Unfortunately, the company experienced a huge setback in 1998 when the BD manufacturing facility was lost in a fire. From 1999 to 2000, production was attempted on a smaller scale to complete existing orders, but the financial demands proved to be too overwhelming.

.            Determined to forge ahead in 2001, an investor was brought in who purchased the remaining inventory and manufacturing equipement.  A new company was formed and Keith was named Founder/Vice President/Product Designer.  The company structure remained as such until 2008 when drum production ceased. Then in 2009, with renewed interest and overwhelming requests for his instruments, Keith decided to resurrect his drum manufacturing by establishing Baltimore Drum Company (which included updated hardware designs and additional machined components).

.            Immediately upon its inception, the company won the prestigious 2009 Snare Drum Olympics in Nashville. Again, word of mouth began to spread and drummers nationwide are ordering Keith’s premium handcrafted American made drums. You could be the next proud owner of a BD drum kit or snare drum!



.            Charlie Hutson plays a special order BD set: Vintage Blue Glass Glitter.  8″x12″, 9″x13″, 16″x16″, 16″x22″, 7″x14″ snare and, “Loves them!”

.            Greg Schroeder of “Barley Juice” plays a 6″ x 14″ Solid Shell Osage Orange and many other variations on the B.D. theme. His collection speaks for itself.

.            “Twilight Singers” drummer Greg Wieczorek proudly plays a BD maple snare that he’s been using for their worldwide “Dynamite Steps” which included recent appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and the Late Show with David Letterman.

.            “Keith made me a snare drum as a gift back in ’96.  It’s a 6″ x 13″ with a beautiful yellow lacquer that allows the wood grain to show through.  But it’s not just that it’s pretty.  It has a sound and feel that is superb and since I have owned it, it’s been my go to snare for many sessions.  The snare has the perfect balance of body, snap and the FEEL is so amazing…it’s almost as if it plays itself. It’s one of my all time favorite possessions and a very treasured instrument.”  Hilary Jones (Independent Artist) 

.            “I’ve used your drums for the last 10 years or so and of course, I love them.  Well this past weekend I played a couple of shows in Los Angeles.  Because it was a fly in, I had to use a rental kit and the backline company had a very nice [brand x] kit available. I’ve always wanted to play a [brand x] kit, so I eagerly grabbed that one. Tuned them up, played them and they sounded great Almost as great as my Baltimore Drums…”  Tom Moon (Milkshake/The Regal Beagles)

.            “Keith Larsen is the most knowledgeable person on drumset construction regarding both practical and theoretical concerns that I know, and his creativity and passion for drums and drumming shine through!  I sat in on someone’s Baltimore Drum kit about 15 years ago and it immediately sounded and felt better than my nice well-known “corporate” kit. After Keith made my first set, I’ve had him add to the kit, and the finishes and sound are beautiful and consistent.  My newest solid shell 5″ snare is the one I’ve been looking for all of my life! I really see no need to play on anything else!”  Wes Crawford (Independent Artist & Instructor)

.            “I still love my drums. They’re by far the sweetest drums I’ve ever played.”  Jimmy Chalfant of KIX

.            “I looked for a new drum set for over 2 years and never found the resonance and the sustain I found in the Baltimore Drums. The workmanship is unmatched and at the time they were built (1994) I had the largest bass drum Keith had built to date (26″ x 18″). I used my BD kit when I performed as the opening act at WPOC’s Sunday In The Country at Merriweather Post Pavilion and  I am constantly getting compliments on the sound of my drums in the country music market. This is the best investment I ever made in my career as a drummer.  BD’s are the absolute best drums made.”  Lee Jordan

.            “Two things that help me move forward as a musician:  1.) Working & touring with great musicians  2.) Playing my Baltimore Drums. ‘Nuff said!”  Myles Evans (Richie Fields/Independent Artist)

.            “I have been using Baltimore drums now for 8 years and have had countless compliments from live/studio engineers and other musicians (and drummers!) regarding their sound and appearance.  My glass glitter kit is a joy to play and the 10-ply, 6.5″ x 13″ maple snare Keith built for me works exceptionally well in virtually any style of music.  Hands down, it is the most versatile drum in my arsenal.  Hats off to Keith for the quality craftsmanship and for being just an all around great guy!”  Bobby Kunkel (Nomad)

.            “I’ve been playing Keith’s drums for the past 5+ years.  I recently bought my first Baltimore Drum set.  It is a Premium Series with MAC lugs, finished in Dark Forest Blue.  8″ x 10″, 9″ x 12″, 11″ x 14″, 16″ x 22″.  They sound phenomenal!  The tonal qualities are outstanding.  I use internal mics and these drums just sing!”  Trevin Skeens (Hicktown)


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